About Pumpkin Steamboat

About Pumpkin

What makes it Pumpkin Steamboat?

Good ingredients pumpkin of flavours; the taste itself and most importantly the smell. We build this layers by following Mr.Steven Yeow method. The soup is prepared by our in-house ingredients, we then cook it at for few hours on end (Low & Slow), and finish with our freshest ingredients before serving.

Pumpkin Garden Steamboat Kitchen is located in Taman Maluri (Kuala Lumpur). Pumpkin Garden Steamboat Kitchen which are decorated with a comfortable environment concept. The only constant is that we still serve delicious soup, fresh ingredients, with our excellent service, and putting our passion for your palate on a pot.

While waiting for the hot pot ingredients to be cooked, you can enjoy a variety of finger food such as fried chicken wings, fried Sotong with salted egg, fried dumpling so on. Apart from our steamboat, signature fried crab with glass noodles, La La fried bee hoon and fried Hokkien Mee so on are also loved by our customers.